1000lbs + of FISH!
August 05, 2017 Placida 2 Fotos & 1 Video
Grouper (Goliath)
Shark (Hammerhead)

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The Vestal family joined us for a day of fun in the sun! Goliath grouper was the goal of the day and these fish made it look easy at first. Hooking up right away ( with in the first 10 mins) to a 300lb+ fish. Better than coffee to wake you up in the morning. After that the bite slowed as the tide slacked and we decided to switch things up and move into the Gulf of Mexico. A bit wavy out there but everyone toughed it out for some BIG fish! Catching three more Goliath Grouper while nearshore. There were other catches too, Jack Crevelle, Barracuda and Spanish mackerel were swarming this reef. Just as we called 20 mins left in the trip I heard a commotion behind the boat. A giant hammerhead was eating our shark bait! While this was happening the kids hooked up to a goliath grouper and barracuda! Craziest triple hook up to date. As we cleared the lines one by one we moved Dad up to the fight chair. Just in time too, there was about 3 wraps left on the reel before this shark would of spooled us. Thats how fast a hammerhead swims. We were able to get this fish boat side after about 45 mins, de-hooked and swam off strong. Check out the video clip of this incredible ocean predator!
Andrew Herzog
Placida, Florida, United States
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