Late April - Early May
Mai 05, 2015 Veraguas 18 Fotos

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The last couple weeks of fishing has been hit or miss here at El Rio Negro Sportfishing Lodge. The Water Temperature has been averaging around 82 degrees, a tad up from the previous two weeks. The winds have calmed down and scattered showers have become commonplace now that we are entering rainy season. (If you are coming to Panama anytime soon I would pack some good rain gear.) The Tuna have been just off the shoreline here on the Azuero peninsula (Cerra Hoya Natinal Park) which has made the popping quite exciting. We started most days working the poppers inshore near Isla Roncador all the way up to Punta Mariato with yellowfin hitting everything we threw all the way up the coastline on most days. The Tuna where everywhere in the medium size range. We are starting to see more and more Dorado as well up and down the coastline lingering in the drift lines. On the days we caught an abundance of fish the water was clear blue with superb visibility. On the slower days the water was “green” and filled with Jelly fish / Plankton with extremely low visibility. A few pics below. Tight Lines – Rio Negro Team
Lauren Livingston
Veraguas, Panama
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