With a bittersweet taste in the mouth
Juli 05, 2016 Ponta Delgada 10 Fotos
Marlin (White)
Marlin (Weißer)
Spearfish (Longbill)
Speerfisch (Langschnäuziger)

Beschreibung des Ausflugs

Do you know those times when it is with a bittersweet taste in the mouth ??? We are still digesting the situation of the last week with a marlin captured by our friend Tom Ricci. In our attempt to preserve the species we practiced the usual "catch & release" so far everything is normal ... only that this release treated is a large white marlin copy (the identification was not easy) because we judge to be a small blue marlin of about 100 kg ( 220 pond ),we really find it strange appear a blue marlin this time of year around here, but nature never ceases to amaze us ... The surprise of the trip started as soon 20 min. after being at sea with a spearfish on the lines ... barely knew us that 10 min. after the capture of rare and beautiful spearfish would catch this !!! It is certainly the largest white marlin caught in the Azores so far, and" off record " was confided to us that possibly we had in hand a world record of white marlin ... left us with the consolation of liberation and joy that gave the fight, as well as the doubts that will be with us for some time. Azores in its best !!!
Carlos Linhares
Ponta-delgada, Azores, Portugal
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Departing out of Ponta Delgada Bay, Captain Carlos Linhares and his team at Oceantur Azores Sportfishing put their clients on top of the hottest bite. Head to that angling paradise of Azores in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Bring your family, friends,...

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