Cobia Season
März 09, 2015 Orange Beach 2 Fotos

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Cobia fishing is a wonderful Springtime opportunity for devoted anglers as well as family fishing FUN!! The migration begins in mid March and is gangbusters by mid April. Cobia run between 20 to 50 pounds. As one of the first fish to show up they are a welcome site to anglers along the Gulf Coast. Fishing for schools of migrating Cobia is the most exciting type of fishing there is. It pits angler against fish. We begin by riding along the beach in 30 to 60 feet of water while looking or scanning the surface until someone yells "There he is!!". Then the fun begins. The boat must first get in the best position for a cast. The angler than reels up a live bait or a jig to be ready to present to the fish. When the Cobia sees the bait they will charge up and roll on it. The angler gets to see all of this. It's the best bite in the Gulf!! Come on and try your hand at catching one of the best fish in the Gulf of Mexico
Chris Garner
Orange-beach, Alabama, United States
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