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Juli 30, 2019 Hatteras 6 Fotos & 1 Video

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Off this afternoon with the Ring crew.What a trip this would turn out to be WOW WOW WOW!!! Started out catching some really nice Bluefish…biggest ones we have caught all year. While we were fishing …the Blacktip & Spinner Sharks were all over the area….soooooooooo after we caught enough Bluefish we switched over to try catching a Shark. About 10 minutes into this operation we hooked one…….fought him for awhile……got him along side the boat ……gaffed him ….dragged him in the boat……and I swear …he got ahold of my leg and put a pretty good hurting on me…..WOW….That smarted!!! Anyway we had to go in ..it was time anyway and I had to go get medical help to correct the problem…to say the least.HOW IRONIC THIS HAPPENED DURING SHARK WEEK!!!! Check out the “Video Of Screams & Pain” Thanks Guys
Ricky Caton
Hatteras, North Carolina, United States
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