The excitement of the Bracken family
August 01, 2019 Wanchese 10 Fotos & 7 Videos
Little Tunny (False Albacore)
Kleiner Thun (Thonine)

Beschreibung des Ausflugs

We had a wonderful group today the Bracken family. Started out I forgot that I needed to fuel up so I was already worried that I had lost face with the party. After greeting them and getting them on board letting them know everything that was expected of them and what was expected of me then we started on our venture. It was a absolutely beautiful day with a Southwest wind blowing just enough to keep it nice and cool most of the fleet we're catching ribbon fish but I had told them at the beginning that I thought we would venture off our own Direction and Midway of trip if it weren't working out we would figure out what our next step would be as always. Fortunately as soon as I slowed to a trolling speed schools of fish came up around us in my mate hadn't even had time to put the lines out it don't always happen like that LOL. So from the moment of trolling to almost the moment of leaving the bite was awesome we ended up with 14 albacore and after the party was tired of reeling them in then we switch baits and went to a different tactic looking for king mackerel. After 30 minutes of searching for a king mackerel we found one of them and he was a pretty one. Then we decide to try to put the Cherry on top of the trip and see if we could hook a shark unfortunately they did not cooperate but if that's the only time during a trip the things don't go how you hope then it was a wonderful trip. At the end of the trip one of the party said they had never been on an inshore trip where everybody got to catch multiple fish and I told them it was a special day not all trips are like this. From the crew of the fishing Taxi tight lines and God bless.
Doug Sullivan
Wanchese, North Carolina, United States
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Fishing Taxi Sportfishing is a company led by Captain Doug Sullivan, an experienced and knowledgeable angler. A 5th-generation fisherman, he has decades of experience fishing the Atlantic Ocean. The company sails out of Wanchese Marina in Wanchese, North ...

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