Summer time snook bite at night
Juli 03, 2019 Miami 1 Foto & 2 Videos

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Several Snook inhaled the live bait offerings once we had me it was time to focus on getting a tarpon on fly rod . We selected a tarpon fly rod that was appropriate for the tarpon that were swimming around the dock lights here in miami that light up as decoration for the residential homes. We cast and immedaitely had a response from the hungry tarpon when it saw the fly. It swam over inhaled it and immediately jumped into the sky throwing the fly from its mouth. Oh well next one i said as the customer was just super excited to feel the power . Next up was a very nice sized mangrove snapper. Several more Tarpon fell r the fly here in miami but threw the hook proving they are still a challenge for a great fly angler !
Fraser Simpson
Miami, Florida, United States
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