5 Days & 5 Hook ups to Marlin.
Juli 26, 2019 Calheta 1 Video
Marlin (Blue)
Marlin (Blauer)

Beschreibung des Ausflugs

Yesterday saw "Gavito" sailing towards Funchal and at about 1120 we hooked up to a Blue Marlin of about 4/500 lbs. Unfortunately for us it decided to take the shotgun lure which had been rigged for the odd Mahi Mahi. Therefore it was on 60 lbs line with a 100 lbs leader and small moldcraft Chugger in purple and silver. Although everybody did their best to retain the fish on the line, it really was a hopeless task and after about 3 minutes the fish made a sudden turn and shot off at a rate of knots. The line broke and, the fish departed with lure, leader and line attached. Hoping that Sunday will continue in the same vain of at least 1 hit every trip.
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