Juli 24, 2019 Marathon 1 Foto & 1 Video
Snapper (Mangrove)
Schnapper (Grauer)
Grouper (Red)
Zackenbarsch (Roter)
Snapper (Yellowtail)
Schnapper (Gelbschwanz)
Süßlippen und Grunzer

Beschreibung des Ausflugs

Started the day out with Kelly , Bubba and their teenage daughter. As always I asked before we left what would make it a great day for them. The answer was some snappers to eat and a shark. GULP whenever we are asked for a big shark I always get pumped. Set up in the morning on one of our snappers spots and limited out despite them taking turns in an out of the AIR CONDITIONING.... pulled anchor and went deeper. Literally 15 minutes later we have the big stick go off screaming! 47 minutes later we land a 66 inch BLACKTIP SHARK. Everyone was on the rod. Took us around the boat once and countless times under the boat. We landed the shark and Kelly decided is video wasn’t enough she had a replica mount of the shark done! We where all so excited for her!!!
Gregory Fabrizzi
Marathon, Florida, United States
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