Knee Deep In Tarpon!!
Februar 05, 2019 Miami 6 Fotos & 2 Videos

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Florida’s Most Sought after fish Tarpon and Snook are Here! And the bite is on the first week of February on the new moon cycle. The annual shrimp run is happening right now although it hasn’t seemed to peak yet here in Biscayne Bay, Miami. I was speaking to one of the Shrimp Fisherman and he is catching his in the Keys as they have had good numbers down there. The water temp inside Biscayne Bay has been hovering around 75 degrees so it’s a little warmer than last year at 73 degrees The Tarpon have been here and are filling in with big numbers showing up my sounder. As long as the water stay this temperature the fishing should remain strong. The Miami Tarpon fishing has been exciting with nice 60-100lb fish the norm. this time of year fishing around inlets and bridges. We did hook into a giant Tarpon the other night with a private guest of an estimated 110lb the bite has been strong a off today we are up to hooked Tarpon number 45 for the year. This fish was a monster and took a Hogy Lure. The fight was probably about 40 mins long until we could get the fish boat side to remove the lure and take a photo before reviving it and letting it swim away. I had a group of Tarpon Club members come over from Fort Myers and request 60lb or larger fish. Based on the conditions and tide I picked a had full of locations around Miami the have proven strong for Tarpon of that size and we Were not disappointed as we went 2-5 on fish from 60-90lb There have been a lot of sharks in the area so our anglers are doing there best to get the fish in quick and revive them before setting them off. Snook Season is open and we got a very nice fish that we released. We did run into a few very small fish around the cut using a shrimp tipped Jig head. The poonchaser shirt that I have been wearing on alot of the pics and videos turned out to be a hit out to be a hit Fishing Booker GuestS Get ONE FREE Stay Tuned to Fly and Fish tv for the latest action and of course Fly and **hidden content** with Catp. Fraser Miami Tarpon Fishing this week is fully booked and should be spectacular.
Fraser Simpson
Miami, Florida, United States
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