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Februar 04, 2019 Buenos Aires 1 Video

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The highlight of the last weekend. We fished a fighter Surubí, from the catfish family. We use waterline and eel as bait. The fishing area was close to Martín García Island, in the Río de la Plata, 50 minutes from Buenos Aires. This fish gives a hard battle, always swimming to the depths, to try to break free from the hook.
Mauricio Oñate
Buenos-aires, Argentina
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Rio de la Plata, or the “River Plate,” has earned the impressive title of being the widest river in the world, and forms part of the border between Argentina and Uruguay. It’s also a hotbed of top angling action! For some, the idea of fi...

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Why 4 hours for joy??
Why 4 hours for joy??
Januar 16, 2024
Many people ask us why we don't have fishing tours of fewer hours. We, after 36 years of experience fishing in these waters, explain to you: you are going to be fishing in the widest river in the world!!! This is not easy, but it is terribly exciting my friend. With Delta Aventura Buenos Aires, you will be sailing and fishing in the Paraná Delta Biosphere Reserve. Designated by UNESCO in 2000 and expanded in 2007. It is located in the Province of Buenos Aires, in the second and third sections of the Islands of the Buenos Aires Delta (Lower Delta). To be able to do reasonably good fishing, in a natural and unpolluted environment, you need no less than 4 hours. They also ask us: Is there a concentration of fish in closer places? Yes, in sewage drainage areas and port areas very close to Buenos Aires. Due to the dumping of waste, these areas serve as concentrators of small fish that are attractive to hunting fish. The problem is that you will be exposed to water pollution, noise pollution that comes from port activity and environmental pollution that comes from Buenos Aires, with its almost eighteen millions inhabitants. For all these reasons and because fish usually choose to live in beautiful places, that is why we sail and fish in natural reserve areas. This is why it takes no less than 4 hours to enjoy nature and a beautiful fishing trip. Any questions, I remain at your disposal. Thank you very much and tight lines! Captain Mauricio