Sailfish action with mahi bonus!
Oktober 28, 2018 Panama City 7 Fotos & 2 Videos
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)
Goldmakrele (Mahi Mahi)
Spanish Mackerel
Spanische Makrele

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"top fishing experience!" what started of as a friend fishing and realxing trip ended up with a sailfish catch and release! some drinks, ilsnad exploration and a fresh lunch at Taboga Island with the mahi bonus catch!
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Panama-city, Panama
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Panama GEM Charters takes you fishing around the iconic waterways aboard their speedy and reliable 27’ Proline. Whether it’s Pearl Islands Archipelago, 20 Fathom Trench, or Taboga Island, you can sample some of the finest game species here, in...

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Fishing Surprise and dinner is served!
Fishing Surprise and dinner is served!
Oktober 5, 2023
Having our fleet gives us the chance to offer Taylor-made fishing charters. In this case, three anglers visited Panama for a friend's wedding. They actually came with their companions; after the wedding, they spent a few days at the Pearl Islands Archipelago. They requested to get picked up at the Pearl Islands early to go fishing while their companions stayed at the resort and then dropped back at the islands in the afternoon. This meant the fishing vessel had to depart at dawn from Panama City. Anglers were happily ready at the beach and rushed to deep water immediately! Conditions were perfect, even though the best deep sea fishing season in Panama occurs during the rainy season; the day was covered with blue skies, flat seas, and blooming fish activity like bait balls and birds feeding everywhere. As we approached the first driftlines, we threw lines in the water with three surface lures and a deep diver for any bottom species. All lures started getting mahi bites when suddenly the most unexpected thing happened: a pink deep diver we had on one rod targeting bottom species like a grouper, snapper, or roosterfish got a dry sudden hit! Angler took the rod and started reeling, and to our surprise, it was a monster bull mahi, the biggest species of the day, caught with the least unexpected lure. The boys kept sending pictures to the ladies and the island condo, letting them know the dinner was secured! On the way back to the island, we still had some time, so as we fileted, the fish decided to drop lines, this time more deep diving lures to pass them near the reefs, and got some excellent mackerel and trevallie action.