August 20, 2018 Vrsar 1 Foto & 2 Videos
Tuna (Bluefin)

Beschreibung des Ausflugs

06:00 Departure from port of Vrsar at 07:00 we were attached to fisher boat to take some more fresh sardines and some fresh mackerel for bait.10 minutes more of navigation and we were on special spot where one of the purse seiner fisher vessel spotted some tuna.We drop lines and there was one rod left to drop into the sea and then we heard BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPP TUNAAAAAAAAAAAAA It has pass only 15 minutes after we stop engines and start to chum.For first fish i took about 20 minutes to bring it close to the boat to make a nice video.After we make some breakfast a had some drink at around noon there we heard BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA again TUNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA This Was crazy, second tuna on the rod that day.This one was much stronger and it took about 45 minutes to take it close to the boat and to see it.That one as first one had more than 100 KG for sure.
Mile Harasic
Vrsar, Croatia
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