Skipjacks and dorados
August 28, 2015 Le Morne 3 Fotos

Beschreibung des Ausflugs

Due to a very low tide,we started at 9:00 am.After an hour of trolling in a choppy sea,we came across a school of dorados that were feeding on flying fishes.Our lure spread did not attract them at all,so we brought all the lines in and tried feeding them a plastic squid and immediately got a strike and lost the fish.Coming towards us was a school of skipjack tuna,so we left the dorado school and went after the skipjacks with a spread of small artificial baits and got a triple.We even saw a 150 lbs hammerhead shark in that same school but we did not try to catch it.We left the school after catching 5 fishes and losing as much.By that time the wind had picked up even more so we downwind to a more sheltered area.An hour before the end of the 5 hr trip,we saw some more dorados that were not very hungry so we decided to feed them with some fresh skipjack strips that 2 of them found very tasty.It took our client Mr Kawana about 15 mins to subdue the bigger of the two fishes that weighed 20 lbs.....Rough conditions but not a bad fishing trip after all.
Billy Lamarque
Le-morne, Mauritius
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