Shark Week!!!
August 01, 2018 Fort Lauderdale 5 Fotos & 2 Videos
Shark (Hammerhead)
Shark (Bull)
Shark (Tiger)
Shark (Lemon)
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)
Goldmakrele (Mahi Mahi)

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Summer fishing is coming to an end, but the shark fishing is just getting started. This is the best season I have ever seen for a variety of diffent sharks. We have been catching Hammerheads, Bullsharks, Sandbar Sharks, Lemon Sharks, and Sand Dusky Sharks. We are catching most of these sharks inside 150ft of water on heavy tackle on the bottom. If you dare to test your skill we can arrange a light tackle attempt. Some of these fish are hard to tackle on big equipment, but if light tackle is your preference step up to the plate. All of our shark fishing is strictly catch and release, we also now use circle hooks to preserve the life of the Shark. 95% of these fish are Federally protected, which means the sharks stay outside the boat. We also tag and release these fish for Science. Not to mention the Mahi fishing has been great offshore, another fishery that was above average for the season. 9 out of 10 Mahi Mahi trips were a success, having everyone working together surely helps ass well. The Mullet run is not far away, bringing many different predator species into the south Florida area. We expect this, "Mullet Run" to start in the beginning of September and go all the way to November. Another thing to look forward to in out Fishery. I hope you guys enjoyed my post, tight lines Captain Mike
Mike Muldoon
Fort-lauderdale, Florida, United States
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Soak in some amazing views under the Florida sun, and reel in some prized fish with Good Hit Sportfishing! Our captains are amazing and know how to show you a great time! With its deep sides and twin engines, it provides a dry and fast ride to the fishing...

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Springtime Smackdown: Light Tackle Fishi
Springtime Smackdown: Light Tackle Fishi
Mai 1, 2024
Hold on to your hats, anglers! Spring has sprung in Fort Lauderdale, and the offshore bite is ** hotter than a sizzling mahi mahi**. Captain Mike and the crew at Good Hit Sport Fishing are putting fishermen on some serious light tackle battles with some true springtime giants! Blackfin Blitz: Forget social distancing, these 20-pound blackfin tuna are schooled up and ready to party! They're tearing through baitfish like there's no tomorrow, and their aggressive strikes on your bait will have your drag screaming. Light tackle is the key here, so get ready for an acrobatic fight that will test your skills! Sailfish Spectacle: If heart-stopping action is your game, then look no further than the majestic sailfish. These aerial warriors have been putting on a show, with boats releasing epic 6-foot sailfish after incredible light tackle battles. Witnessing a sailfish erupt from the water, its sail billowing in the wind, is an experience that will stay with you forever. Bottom Bonanza: The action isn't just topwater! Our deep-dropping tactics are putting anglers on some serious bottom dwellers. We're talking 20-pound black grouper crushing live bait and a mutton snapper bite so hot, it's practically criminal. These bruisers will test your light tackle mettle, making each catch a true battle of wills. Light Tackle Magic: The real magic of this springtime fishery? We're achieving all this with light tackle. These feisty fish put up an incredible fight on lighter gear, making every catch a true test of skill and finesse. It's not about brute force, it's about finesse and strategy – a true angler's challenge! Ready to experience the magic of springtime fishing in Fort Lauderdale? Book your trip with Good Hit Sport Fishing today and let Captain Mike put you on the catch of a lifetime! Don't forget to follow us on [Instagram] for the latest catches! See you on the water!
Its warm in Fort Lauderdale - January
Its warm in Fort Lauderdale - January
Januar 20, 2024
Hello fishing friends, Captain Mike here with Good Hit Sportfishing Hey there, it's Captain Mike from Good Hit Sportfishing with some January fishing news from Fort Lauderdale. While the rest of the world is experiencing freezing temperatures, we're lucky enough to have some of the warmest fishing areas in our region. This time of year, you can expect to target some red-hot fish, such as sailfish, mahi-mahi, blackfin tuna, snappers, sharks, Wahoo, and cobia. We've started the year strong with some impressive catches, including a cobia shark caught off the kite. This little guy put up a 40-minute fight on light tackle and was caught on a live goggle-eye. Amazingly, we've already seen a couple of mahi-mahi in attendance this January. Usually, we don't see these fish until the beginning of spring, but they're already showing up in the local area. Blackfin Tunas are also hitting the kite again, which is another fish that we don't expect until springtime. However, in Fort Lauderdale, we've already seen a couple of sizeable blackfin tuna. These fish are always a hit with our customers due to their acrobatics, delicious sushi-grade meat, and incredible light tackle fight. At GoodHit Sportfishing, we're always happy to fish for whatever our customers want. If you have a custom trip in mind and want to target a particular species, let us know. We're open to ideas and will tailor our fishing trips to meet your specific needs. We use various fishing styles, tactics, and bait at GoodHit Sportfishing in January. Our favorite baits include goggle-eye, threadfin hearing, pilchards, and ballyhoos. Our tactics include kite fishing, drifting, anchoring, and deep dropping. Most of these tactics use live bait, and we sometimes troll. However, this time of year, all the biggest fish in our photos were caught using live baits, mainly out of the kite, some drifting, and some deep dropping. Thanks for reading my post - Captain Mike, Good Hit
Januar 7, 2024
Winter shark fishing the waters of Fort Lauderdale offer excellent opportunities for shark fishing enthusiasts. With the arrival of winter, some larger species of sharksSure! Here's a fishing report about shark fishing in can be found Lauderdale during winter , the waters closer to shore off Fort Lauderdale offer excellent opportunities for, making it shark fishing. an exciting time for anglers The cooler temperatures. One popular and lower tourist spot for shark season make it fishing in Fort an ideal time Lauderdale is the to target these historic pier. powerful predators. When it comes to targeting, you can sharks, many target a variety anglers prefer of shark species using baits such as- Bointa, mullet, kingfish, snapper, lady fish and jacks. These baitfish are known to attract a variety of shark species common to the area, including hammerheads, blacktips, bull sharks, and tiger sharks. One popular fishing spot for shark enthusiasts is the Fort Lauderdale Beach, where the deep waters create a favorable environment for finding larger specimens. Additionally, the nearby reef systems and shipwrecks can also hold sharks, providing exciting opportunities for anglers. Furthermore, be prepared to practice catch-and-release and strong fights, providing an exhilarating experience for anglers. We like to measure, name, and tag these sharks for research. Now days you do not have to kill the shark to get it mounted. All you need is exact measurements and you can get an exact replica. When targeting sharks in December, it's important to use the right equipment. A sturdy fishing rod and reel with a heavy-duty line (at least 100b test) are recommended to handle the strength and size of these powerful creatures. Additionally, stout leaders made of steel or heavy fluorocarbon are necessary to prevent the sharp teeth of sharks from cutting your line. Live bait, such as mullet, bluefish, or ladyfish, is often preferred when shark fishing. If live bait is not available, fresh cut bait can also be effective. We will use strong hooks that can handle the jaw strength of sharks. By following and practice catch-and-release these guidelines, handle them with care in Fort Lauderdale care to ensure this someone catches the again. Good luck and lastly weather tight lines!