Mixed Bag of Fish, Full Moon Doesnt Diss
Juni 28, 2018 Miami 7 Fotos & 1 Video
Barracuda (Great)
Barrakuda (Großer)
Jack Crevalle
Spanish Mackerel
Spanische Makrele
Snapper (Cubera)
Schnapper (Cubera)

Beschreibung des Ausflugs

Catching up after a busy week of putting Tarpon in the Sky Like the 4th of July starting out the 28-2ndth the Full moon in June didn’t disappoint. Jacks of all sizes have been all over and devouring all the shrimp from the hatch that is occurring and will last until August. At that time it will be small fry that most fish will be feeding on in the bay at night The Jacks have been providing a fun fight when the Tarpon have played and don’t want to play anymore. The Tarpon have been moving through and give you several live bait opportunities a night. Unless your sight casting around the many dock lights. The dock lights all have Tarpon on them and placing a fly in the right place usually will do the trick. On the 28th 29, and the 2nd we went 0-2 tarpon each night. Fortunately there had been plenty of other fish around Huge Cubera Snapper Jacks, Spanish Mackeral, and this Monster Barracuda on the 2nd of July.
Fraser Simpson
Miami, Florida, United States
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