Fast action fishing tournament

January 12, 2015 by Michael S. Murray

Trip Info


Today’s trip was with four friends and teammates of a college baseball team. Like most athletes and friends everything has to be a competition. Bets were placed on most fish and biggest fish. 
After catching speckled trout, silver trout, rat redfish, and small snook faster than we could count,  I decided to add in the category of inshore slam. The inshore slam consists of an angler catching a snook, redfish and trout. You measure each fish, and add the inches together for the total length of the slam.
Here is today’s biggest snook,  he also won the slam with 26” snook, 18” redfish and 16” trout. For a total of 60”! Pretty good numbers for the middle of January!
Great fishing continues in Tampa Bay, book now to get in on some of this great action.

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