Cold water doesn't mean cold bite!
Januar 23, 2018 Tampa 15 Fotos & 2 Videos
Black Drum
Schwarzer Trommler
Trommler (Roter)
Spotted Seatrout
Gefleckter Umberfisch
Pompano (Gemeiner)

Beschreibung des Ausflugs

The fishing has gone insane lately! Redfish and trout galore, this time of year we are using lots of shrimp and slow moving baits because of the low water temperatures, and it has been paying off!
Joe Burruezo
Tampa, Florida, United States
Slobby Joe Charters – Tampa thumbnail
Get onto the water with Slobby Joe Charters and ready yourself for some of the most exciting inshore action you could ask for. Explore Tampa Bay’s endless flats and backwaters to target a who’s who of inshore favorites! With Captain “Slo...

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