Dinner and a show
November 08, 2017 Jensen Beach 2 Fotos & 3 Videos
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)
Goldmakrele (Mahi Mahi)
Snapper (Lane)
Schnapper (Rotschwanz)

Beschreibung des Ausflugs

All started with a call from my client asking if there's any chance to get some mahi offshore right now. "Well, I believe we have a good chance while the waves are minor." Loaded up the livewell quick and easy and ran offshore, didnt take long to run into some nice action. Saw probably 4 dozen ballyhoo high-tailing out of a little weedline; figured let's run up and check it out. No guessing needed once we were 60 feet away. "Mahi, Mahi!!!!!" Got three lines out quick and brought two nice gaffers in even quicker. We slow trolled and drifted this nice patch still seeing mahi around, but none too big. Switched to some hard twitch baits and it was plenty of fun in the sun! Once we finished playing with those guys, I decided to take off while it's still early. Ended up running past plenty of boats with great reports on the VHF. Got to 300ft away from all the other boats and found what every offshore fishermen looks forward to. Found a big white debris (like a plastic table or even a piece of fence) grabbed a bunch of small pilchards and chucked them over. Didn't take more than 20 seconds to find what we have been looking for, about 40 mahi mostly small but plenty of hidden studs. For the next 3 hours was balls to the wall Mayham. Fish everywhere!!! Had three live baits out in the back, one down 60ft just in case, and us up front site fishing with Sebile lures. Man, the action was just ridiculous, and it wasn't even close to over. We kept throwing the smaller ones back and keeping the nice gaffer size fish in the cooler. Seemed like we were finding the bigger ones 50yards away from the floating debris. Best bite was after a small mahi would miss our sebile, and a stud would fly over and inhale the lure. This was the perfect example of a dinner and a show. My client was more than happy seeing all the acrobatic jumps, beautiful color, and of course the sizes that we were pulling up. Ended up leaving the spot after hitting it hard for two hours and 10 gaffers in the boat. There was still plenty of mahi under but there's no need to destroy them. We had plenty in the boat and got plenty of tight line, might as well let other anglers get their chance. We headed in, or so we thought, until we got back to 70ft and found another nice patch that we ran by. "Mahi, Mahi!" Back at it. Pitched out a bunch of pilchards again and we had them hot and ready to be pitched at. Kept two more nice gaffers out of the group and kept heading in to see if we can find some cobia or some good snapper to end the day. No cobia but plenty of snapper in an hour. Safe to say my client had a time that will Never be forgotten!! He said it before I could at the end of the day, " Well I do believe we Tightened up today" It's not always about how much you catch, but that you had a great time on another Fishing Adventure while enjoying the beautiful day and nature that the good lord gives us everyday. As always, take a kid fishing, it just might change their life as well.
Jesse Berry
Jensen-beach, Florida, United States
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