What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Captiva, Florida for the first time?

Antworten von verifizierten FishingBooker Anglern, die in Captiva geangelt haben

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Tiffany Foley
Fort Myers, FL
Angelte mit Spangler Adventures – Captiva am März 12, 2019
Come wiht an open mind, don't set your goals too high, otherwise you could dissapoint yourself on a slow day. We were having a good time catching baitfish, then got blown away when we went out to catch sharks!

Paul Kessinger
Madison, CT
Angelte mit Capt Matt's Island Charters – Captiva am Februar 11, 2022
When the water starts warming up in mid-February, our Captain says more species of fish are active.

Aimee Mahoney
Miami, FL
Angelte mit Thrill Of It All – Captiva am Juli 23, 2021
It’s HOT. Helps if you have some kind of shade. Fishing in Captiva is great year round, but better in the cooler months!

Chris Williamson
Boiling Springs, SC
Angelte mit Blue Line Fishing Charters LLC am Juli 30, 2019
Do your homework and research your charters. I would probably look for charters with the most reviews so you can make an educated choice on where you spend $400 plus

Michael E McAlone
Dallas, TX
Angelte mit Top Slot Fishing Charters am Juni 16, 2023
Heat can affect your catch .. best if you you are aware of the moon ? cycle best around full moon