What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Long Beach, California for the first time?

Antworten von verifizierten FishingBooker Anglern, die in Long Beach geangelt haben

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Douglas Stagner
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Angelte mit I’m Your Captain Charters am Februar 12, 2023
It’s an off season trip, keep that in mind, but a day on The water is better than a day in land any day.

Ryan​ Marshall
Big Pine, CA
Angelte mit I’m Your Captain Charters am Juni 4, 2022
Fishing can be hit and miss. Usually good fishing with a good captain, boat and waters. Have enjoyed good fishing for sculpin, red fish, and bass. Great harbor just larger to exit than others.

Allen Bergstrom
South Pasadena, CA
Angelte mit Rockstar Charter Fishing am März 9, 2019
Go outside the Breakwater. But, then I have very, very limited experience to answer this question: just one time out I only know that in 3 hours we got very few bites, and only 1 caught fish.