What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Fort Myers, Florida for the first time?

Antworten von verifizierten FishingBooker Anglern, die in Fort Myers geangelt haben

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Julie Katz
Palm Coast, Florida
Angelte mit Blind Date Charters am März 20, 2020
Captain Tom is by far "THE FISH WISHPER"!! We caught fish consistently the entire trip. This great experienced angler really knows where all the honey holes are! This family owned company by far made us feel safe and had tons of fun! We caught everything from grouper, to snapper to name a few. They even offered to filet the fish to take home with us. I have been on many chartered deep sea fishing trips, and this was by far the best one. I would highly recommend Blind Date Charters to anybody looking for a great day fishing!!

Jon Sourbeer
McLean, VA
Angelte mit Indigenous Charters am März 7, 2019
Watch the weather patterns and try to get a few warm days in a row to make the snook more active. Still early forTarpon and the normally reliable sea trout are still recovering from the red tide last year so maybe next year might be better it you prefer that species. We had a great time catching lady fish when the water temps dipped and put the snook off their feed. Be prepared for some wind this time of year.

Kelly Tracy
Commerce Charter Township, MI
Angelte mit Flats Fish’r Charters - Fort Myers am Januar 31, 2019
Only because January can be a crap shoot : ) It was cold the day we fished so things were a bit quiet - but 2 days later is was back in the mid/high 70's and I'm sure much better for those anglers :) :)

Juliet Bailey
Punta Gorda, Florida
Angelte mit Just Livin The Dream Charters 1 am August 14, 2021
Had a great time but it certainly was hot!! Would like to try the same thing during the fall or spring.

Thomas Tarkowski
Milwaukee, WI
Angelte mit Thinline Charters am April 3, 2021
Hard to tell about the area in general as we only had the one experience which was not what we expected.

David Russell
Fort Myers, Florida
Angelte mit Chum Crazy Charters am Juni 13, 2019
Wear gear for protection from the sun. Don't forget the sunscreen. Plan on a wonderful experience of fishing and observing the wonderful scenery.

Michael Dombeck
Ringle, WI
Angelte mit Indigenous Charters am März 3, 2019
Try the inland fishing in the shallows to site fish along the Mangroves, you never know what may be leaving in the shadows of each cast.

Philip Dodd
Angelte mit Just Livin The Dream Charters 1 am Dezember 28, 2019
Fishing in the spring/summer/early fall is great, but for some reason fishing in December sucks.

Gary Franklin
San Juan
Angelte mit Sea Reed Charters am November 6, 2019
Go out with an experienced guide who knows the water and the best way to catch fish.