What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Bridgetown for the first time?

Antworten von verifizierten FishingBooker Anglern, die in Bridgetown geangelt haben

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Harold Hynscht
Port Dover, ON
Angelte mit High Seas Charters - Ocean Hunter am Januar 30, 2023
Find a good Captain and hope he can put you on fish.Its fishing not catching so there are no guarantees. Trolling is not for everyone we are trollers back home and if the fish are not biting its still a beautiful boat ride Better than white snow and slush on the ground and cold. It's a great experience and you get out of it what you put into it.

Ian Wilson
Bridgetown, Saint Michael
Angelte mit High Seas Charters - Ocean Hunter am Januar 7, 2023
Try to get an experienced captain. Don't worry about the detail of the boat, the fleet is largely the same. Fishing never guarantees fish! As long as long as your captain tries hard, then that's all you can ask. Ocean Hunter was good for us today, and I would select the same boat tomorrow.

Mark Hardy
Doveridge, England
Angelte mit High Seas Charters - Ocean Hunter am Juli 27, 2021
Big Game fishing is Seasonal so please be aware of which fish are running at the time you book. This is the same anywhere you travel so do not expect miracles off-season. Excellent place to experience some tight lines no matter what your experience level. What are you waiting for ? :)

Tracy Weier
Miami, Florida
Angelte mit Betsy B Charters Inc. am Dezember 26, 2019
It was early in season for some of the larger fish but a good captain will know where to still get a catch.

James Sword
Garland, TX
Angelte mit High Seas Charters - Ocean Hunter am Juni 24, 2019
Know the seasonal patterns for fish in the region. June is at the tail end of a season, so it can be hit and miss. But if looking for deep sea fishing, be loose in June on what you may be targeting

Leo Meeson
Watford, England
Angelte mit Bad Habbits am März 6, 2019
be aware that not all boats have toilets on board and the sea can be a little rough. But the Captian of your boat will bo all they can to make your day enjoyable.

Bill Simpson
Southend-on-Sea, England
Angelte mit Therapy Charters – Dad's Therapy am März 13, 2022
These guys are good at what they do , so no matter how skilled you are they are there for you

Ronnie Roberts
York, SC
Angelte mit High Seas Charters - Ocean Hunter am Dezember 4, 2019
Contact Cap Robbie and let him know what you want to fish for. He will make it happen

Jason Erny
Massapequa Park, NY
Angelte mit Reel Crazy Fishing Charters - 42 ft am Mai 17, 2019
be patient. you might not catch the fish you were targeting but these guys will put you on fish.