What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Morehead City, North Carolina for the first time?

Antworten von verifizierten FishingBooker Anglern, die in Morehead City geangelt haben

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Christopher Leedy
Mechanicsburg, PA
Angelte mit Breakwater Charters am Mai 7, 2023
When you are researching a boat to fish with, contact the Captain and get their opinion when it would be best to go fishing for what you want to catch. I talked often with my Captain so we could plan for a great trip on the water.

James Quinn
Clayton, NC
Angelte mit Lady Faye Sportfishing Charters am Juli 8, 2019
Most fishing boats start out with no bait fish on board. They troll for them on their way out to the fishing spot. Things might have been different if the Captain of the boat brought along a small amount of bait to get thinhgs started.

Kenneth Boyd
United States
Angelte mit Sound-N-Sea Charters am Juni 29, 2022
Spanish Mackerel fishing is a good choice - close to shore, trolling or sight casting, great to eat.

Norb Golebiewski
Raleigh, NC
Angelte mit Sea Beagle am Mai 22, 2021
Next time we go out on charter it will be in late april when the water is a bit cooler and the fish are not so deep

Kevin Foley
Lowell, MI
Angelte mit Breakwater Charters am Juli 25, 2022
Stay inshore. Fish migration makes trophy fishing challenging unless you go way off-shore

Kellie Judge
New Bern, North Carolina
Angelte mit Sea Beagle am Juni 24, 2019
Book full day if you want to catch fish. Clarity what you expect prior to booking