What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska for the first time?

Antworten von verifizierten FishingBooker Anglern, die in Ketchikan geangelt haben

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Martin Eveland
Lemoore, CA
Angelte mit The Alaska Catch – 23' Boat am Juni 21, 2023
Variable weather patterns, accordingly, take the advice of your experienced Captain in adjustment during the day. Dress in layers, pack light and wet weather clothing. Motion sickness pills the night before, when you awaken to your alarm, and when leaving for the dock should keep the motion sickness away even in rough seas.

Douglas Mowat
Boulevard, CA
Angelte mit Reel Alaska Fishing Charters 1-5px am August 10, 2023
Don't use reel alaska fishing charters.If you talk to a person who's name is Scott,hang up immediately.

Shelly Amys
Poplar, WI
Angelte mit Wayward Sun Sportfishing & Seafood am Juni 21, 2023
Expect to have a pleasurable day on the water and share good stories with your guide. It’s not all about filling the boat, it’s about enjoying the experience.

Denise Kell
Redmond, Washington
Angelte mit Chick Charters am Juni 11, 2023
Don't book thru your cruise ship. Book independent. It's so easy and much better than a cruise line fishing trip

Lane Hough
Prince Rupert, BC
Angelte mit Reel Alaska Fishing Charters 1-5px am August 21, 2019
No since we have this trip booked for several months and now have not gotten the cooperation in scheduling our time to fish

Stephanie Richards
Seattle, Washington
Angelte mit Ketchikan’s Finest Fishing am Juli 26, 2023
Perfect time to catch salmon! We almost didn’t do and can’t believe we almost missed.

Jacquelyn Dunmyer
Corpus Christi, TX
Angelte mit Alaska Affordable Adventures am Juni 26, 2023
We went for halibut because that was the plan, I know they catch a lot of salmon too!

Terry Stewart
Arlington, TX
Angelte mit Chick Charters am Juni 8, 2023
Just know it’s Fishing not Catching! If the fish aren’t biting, enjoy the view!!

Tammy Hallion
Centralia, WA
Angelte mit Reel Alaska Fishing Charters 1-5px am Juli 9, 2019
Work on strengthening your biceps..Cause these salmon give you a run for your money....