What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Port Isabel, Texas for the first time?

Antworten von verifizierten FishingBooker Anglern, die in Port Isabel geangelt haben

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Sally Seabert
Angelte mit Custom Sport Angler Charters am Januar 10, 2021
We went out in Jan on an overcast day with cooler weather.. I know they say fish in foul weather but we really wanted some good eating fish and got nice catfish all day.. Just a fluke and I know you can 't have it all the time. Had a great time,, Captain was great, boat was fun... Fish were fun and we caught a bunch...just wasn't looking for catfish. Oh well, maybe next time... Thanks for the great time.

Ron Heinbaugh
San Antonio, TX
Angelte mit George's Fishing Charter am April 8, 2019
Book with George Strader , "George's Fishing Charter Service"! This guy will make your day! He had a sonogram instrument on his boat to find the fish. The day had a North Wind, which was not ideal for fishing--it kept the schools on the move and caused big swells in the gulf. The Bay, however, was excellent, much calmer & easier to find large schools of fish. The water was pretty cool but warm enough for a refreshing swim.

George Michael
New York, NY
Angelte mit South Padre Outfitters – Ryan Falls am März 16, 2021
Captain Ryan is just the guy to help you catch some fish. He is friendly and knowledgeable and will do his best to help you have the best fishing experience possible.

Rafael Avila
Houston, Texas
Angelte mit South Texas Fishing Adventures am Juni 17, 2020
Port Isabel is a prime fishing spot if your thinking about taking a fishing trip on the lower Laguna Madre don’t think twice just do it you won’t regret it

Craig Vonsprecken
Cedar Rapids, IA
Angelte mit George's Fishing Charter am März 19, 2019
Keep a close eye on the weather and find a Capt who is easy to contact. Also find an experienced captain who has good ratings. That's your best chance at a successful day.

Jimmy Jones
Pearland, Texas
Angelte mit George's Fishing Charter am Juli 26, 2019
It was HOT and H U M I D ...so I would go earlier or later in the year if possible.