What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Little River, South Carolina for the first time?

Antworten von verifizierten FishingBooker Anglern, die in Little River geangelt haben

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Tony Hunley
Neosho, Wisconsin
Angelte mit Fisher Of Men Charters am August 29, 2019
We did go down a couple weeks before the Hurricane but every charter I’ve been on if one thing don’t work you try something else We Didn’t

Douglas Deniziuk
Midway, Pennsylvania
Angelte mit Strange Magic Fishing Charters am Juli 30, 2019
Excellent Captain. A little too warm to catch the type and the amount of fish we intended to catch. Not the captain's fault. We may go back when it is cooler.

Kristian Underwood
Southport, NC
Angelte mit Bentstik II Fishing Charters LLC am Juni 17, 2019
Grew up fishing in Palm Beach County, Florida. I have been away from the coast for over two decades and this was my first time back in a long time. Loved it

Bernice Sparks
United States
Angelte mit Fisher Of Men Charters am Juni 11, 2019
Read many reviews, be willing to be flexible because it can get pretty choppy on the day you planned to go out of the intracoastal.

Robert Holloway
Little River, SC
Angelte mit Fisher Of Men Charters am Mai 7, 2019
Go out with an experienced charter boat captain. Recommend Fisher of Men with Captain Randy and first mate Doug. Great combo.

Rebecca Davis
Oswego, SC
Angelte mit Salty Fin Charter am Juli 6, 2019
Book with Salty Fin Charter, great crew and boat. You will not be disappointed.

James Thompson
Myrtle Beach, SC
Angelte mit Fisher Of Men Charters am Mai 27, 2019
Just listen to the captain and first mate said show you every saying you need to know