What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Montauk, New York for the first time?

Antworten von verifizierten FishingBooker Anglern, die in Montauk geangelt haben

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Peter Brunk
West Islip, NY
Angelte mit Captain Al’s Fishing Charters am Juni 8, 2022
Look for your old school captains with good reviews and a good captain will tell you if it’s worth coming out or not most old school guys were always put you want fish just listen to the meat in the captain and you’ll have the best trip ever

Dino Delic
Norfolk, VA
Angelte mit November Rain Charters am Mai 26, 2022
If you're going to Montauk, don't skip Montauk fishing charters. It's a Mecca for Striped Bass fishing! FishingBooker helped me find the best fit for my fishing charter in Montauk and I'd highly recommend fishing in Montauk between late May and mid-July (Captain Steve told me that things only get better after the end of May).

FishingBooker Mitglied
New York, New York
Angelte mit Charter Boat Windy am Mai 29, 2023
If it’s your first time fishing or in a tight budget try a party boat to see if you like the experience. If you are an experienced fisherman, go for a charter.

Fernando Albuquerque
Riverhead, New York
Angelte mit Susie E Sportfishing am Juli 7, 2023
These grounds are the best in Long Island!! Trust your captain, you won’t be disappointed!