What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Port Washington, Wisconsin for the first time?

Antworten von verifizierten FishingBooker Anglern, die in Port Washington geangelt haben

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Matt Whitaker
Ralston, NE
Angelte mit Silver Dog Fishing Charters am Juli 13, 2019
Find a charter boat and from talking to others who had been fishing the same day as us, I would recommend going out either early morning (if you can find a sunrise charter out there) or do one that will keep you out til sunset because the fish really seemed to come alive as evening set in.

Paul Wolfe
Lancaster, WI
Angelte mit C&D Charters am Juni 3, 2019
Usually the first week in June is the best time to fish. This spring was unusually cold and rainy, so the good fishing is about three weeks late. Next year might be totally different, but who knows? Thats why they call it "fishing" and not "catching"! The charter Captains cant make the fish bite or control the weather, But they WILL do the best they can to make the trip enjoyable!

Herb Schulz
Wisconsin Dells, WI
Angelte mit DJ’s Fish Tales LLC am Juni 18, 2019
for 1 st time us a charter look at reviews whatch wheater take advice of captain as to go out you are to enjoy and have a good time not fun with 6 ft waves everyone be friendly

Kim Hazen
Green Bay, WI
Angelte mit Cast-A-Way Charters am Juni 3, 2019
Weather has been cold for June, so fish were not hitting the lines as much. But I stil enjoyed the trip and would recommend to anyone.

Douglas Smith
Delavan, WI
Angelte mit Fish-On Guide Services of Wisconsin am Mai 23, 2019
Great restaurants and lodging. Watch the weather forecasts and fishing reports and you should have a Great time.

Kevin Barta
Osceola, WI
Angelte mit DJ’s Fish Tales LLC am Juni 9, 2019
Easy to find and available parking, bring quarters for meter,1 quarter=2.5hrs. Have fun.