What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Folly Beach, South Carolina for the first time?

Antworten von verifizierten FishingBooker Anglern, die in Folly Beach geangelt haben

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Robert Goetterman
Beaverton, MI
Angelte mit Sea Breeze Charters am April 25, 2023
The weather was a little windy so we we're not able to catch what we were supposed to but the overall trip was awesome the captain knew the river very well and we fished many spots unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate, captain was very friendly and helpful I would definitely do it again

Michael D'ancona
Charleston, South Carolina
Angelte mit Write Off The Rip Charters – Inshore am Juli 4, 2021
Definitely bring lots of water, snacks, and sunscreen. No bananas, they are bad luck. Breathable long-sleeved shirts a neck gator, a hat, and nice polarized sunglasses will help keep you out of the sun. Be willing to listen, you'll learn a lot.

Lisa Papouchado
Aiken, South Carolina
Angelte mit Atlantic Breeze Charters – 28’ Boat am August 5, 2019
August is apparently towards the end of fishing season, so you can't keep nearly any of the reef fish you get there so don't fish for keeps in the reef this month. If you want to fish for food to eat, Whiting is out to play. They aren't big fish so nothing for trophies....but very good to eat.

Timothy Miller
Alden, NY
Angelte mit Atlantic Breeze Charters – Inshore am Mai 24, 2023
Enjoy the experience with each other. Whether you catch none or a dozen, it's the time together that counts!

Greg Goodman
Lawndale, NC
Angelte mit Atlantic Breeze Charters – Inshore am September 22, 2020
Had a great trip with Dustin very knowledgeable of area .Got us on quality fish. Had a blast with him. Recommend his services to anyone who is willing to take him as a guide.

Sam Hamilton
Black Earth, WI
Angelte mit Compass Rose Adventures am Juni 6, 2019
Go fishing with Asheton at Compass Rose Adventures if you are looking for a good inland trip, especially sharks.

Karin Dembroski
Spring Lake, North Carolina
Angelte mit Hook 1 Charters – Folly Beach am Oktober 9, 2022
I loved the boat and I am a little skittish small boats. Can't wait to do it again.