What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Nanaimo, British Columbia for the first time?

Antworten von verifizierten FishingBooker Anglern, die in Nanaimo geangelt haben

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Joshua Lounsbury
Dayton, OH
Angelte mit Reel Time Fishing Charters & Marine Tours am Juli 21, 2023
It was nice to wait until the Chinook were in season so we could take one home for dinner. The weather was great, but layers are a must. Go with a good captain, like Captain Turk.

Tiffany Caldwell
Vancouver, British Columbia
Angelte mit Salmon City Charters am April 16, 2023
It's early in the season for alot of big salmon. However, they double in size by summer. You still get plenty of catches in a trip even if you can't keep them all

Russ Hensel
Denver, CO
Angelte mit Salmon City Charters am April 12, 2023
In Colorado we don't have fish this big. My son and I caught 8-10 lb fish right at the start. Very fun.

Alyandre Phinney
Edmonton, AB
Angelte mit Salmon City Charters am März 12, 2023
Ask the captain about recommendations on time and days to book! Sucks for everyone when your not getting action and the captains job becomes much easier when you're catching!

Maury Lafoy
Toronto, ON
Angelte mit Lazydayz Charters & Adventures am Juli 5, 2023
If you want to keep your limit, go after July 14. But there is a lot of good fun out there!