What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Dauphin Island, Alabama for the first time?

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Don Barnes
Old Landing, KY
Angelte mit NiCole Fishing Charters – Knot Workin am Mai 23, 2023
Be sure to make sure you are leaving from a marina near the place you are staying at. It is a long way around Mobile Bay and the ferry does not run very early in the morning. Also look for the red snapper season to be in if that is your target.

Chris Milanovits
St. Louis, MO
Angelte mit Captain Lynn's am März 25, 2022
Great fishing even though there was a fish kill the week before. Would like to see how good it could be without that.

Robert Evaul
Mulberry Grove, IL
Angelte mit Show N Tail Fishing Charters am Juni 13, 2021
Take lots of sunscreen and deep sea fishing is way more entertaining than pond fishing. A lot more excitement.

Jim Gaston
Cambridge, OH
Angelte mit Captain Lynn's am Juni 11, 2020
Use a charter, fishing from shore is more miss than hot. Also if you must fish from shore, research what to use and how.

Douglas Sharp
Mandeville, LA
Angelte mit Captain Lynn's am Mai 23, 2020
Learn the area. Their are piers, jetties and public beach options to fish from as well as charters. As with any fishing, the time of year and bait used are important.

Will Mesbergen
Daphne, Alabama
Angelte mit Shallow Intentions Fishing am Juni 2, 2019
Dauphin island is a great area to fish. Find a good knowledgeable Captain and you will have a good experience and catch fish.

Deleted User
United States
Angelte mit deleted charter 9556 am Juni 15, 2019
Snapper heaven. Best and most prolific Red Snapper haven on the planet. More structure in Alabama state water than all other gilf states combined. Dauphin Island is the Snapper capital of the world!