What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Dana Point, California for the first time?

Antworten von verifizierten FishingBooker Anglern, die in Dana Point geangelt haben

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Angel Garcia
Anaheim, California
Angelte mit Dana Point Sportfishing am Juli 3, 2021
Hit up captain conor, and book a full day. Half a day is definitely not enough time because it goes by quicker than you think.

John Chapman
Pasadena, CA
Angelte mit RockenReel Sportfishing am Juni 30, 2020
Book now and stop looking! Yeah his is the trip. Took my two boys on their first trip and we caught 30+ fish!

Wayne Burton
San Clemente, CA
Angelte mit RockenReel Sportfishing am Dezember 10, 2019
Call Steven at rockin reel if you really want to catch fish. Steven worked hard for us and put us on fish all day. Great guy that knows what he's doing.

Arick Heliker
Corona, CA
Angelte mit Black and Blue Sportfishing – 32' Parker am Juli 31, 2019
Easy to find lots of parking, clean rest rooms(!), vending machine, and cheap ice vending machine, nice harbor in, and out access. Bases are pretty much there for you.

Scott Groskranz
Englewood, CO
Angelte mit RockenReel Sportfishing am Juli 19, 2019
Learn the equipment you'll be using before you leave the dock. Don't try and figure out a complicated reel set up without asking questions first.

Joe King
Tustin, California
Angelte mit RockenReel Sportfishing am Juni 22, 2019
Dana Point is a beautiful harbor with all the amenities and not too crowded! If you're going for your first time, make sure to look up Rocken Locken, He has knows the spots!

Jennifer Pinnegar
Aliso Viejo, California
Angelte mit Seaworthy Charters – Dana Point am Oktober 19, 2018
They made the whole event simple from planning, getting ready and the trip itself! Followed up to ensure that they had everything they needed to have a great experience.

Richard Gregg
West Springfield, VA
Angelte mit RockenReel Sportfishing am Juni 14, 2021
Maybe it was a bit too cool yet. Another 5 degrees probably would have helped the dishing.

Carlos Salinas
Washington, DC
Angelte mit Dana Wharf Sportfishing–Boardroom 2 am Juni 20, 2019
Weather can be cool and wet, not necessarily what one envisions for southern California.