What would you recommend to anglers fishing in San Pedro for the first time?

Antworten von verifizierten FishingBooker Anglern, die in San Pedro geangelt haben

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Tim Maddock
Belize City, BZ
Angelte mit Nano Guerrero am Juni 1, 2019
We fished spinning gear and I brought my own. If you fish with Nano you dont have to bring spinners, I left him 2 brand new set ups. Seems like alot of people fly fish for bonefish here. I dont know anything about that. But you would have had alot of opportunities

Daniel Zapzalka
Wayzata, MN
Angelte mit Palapa Tours - 30 ft Boat am März 29, 2021
Lots of fish around to try either reef fishing for fun with the Kids, or deep water fishing.

Ernest Larrabee
San Pedro Town, Belize District
Angelte mit Freedom Tours - Trolling Passion am Juli 18, 2019
Well the sharks would eat your tuna or whatever you’re fishing for before you could real the fish in.

Therese Burch
Nacogdoches, TX
Angelte mit Freedom Tours - Lucky Strike am Juni 26, 2019
If you go with right company you can this is our 3rd trip but will not use freedom tours find someone else

Brady Porter
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Angelte mit Freedom Tours - Trolling Passion am Juni 9, 2019
Making it threw the reef channel can be quite rough, but the remainder of the trip was well worth it.

Joel Alderete
United States
Angelte mit DreamKation International Tours am Mai 28, 2019
Good. Take your motion sickness pills! Two of our guys didn't and they got sick. Messed up the trip for the rest of us!

Scott Zahn
Red Lodge, MT
Angelte mit Belize Tarpon Fly am März 18, 2019
If new to fly fishing in salt water do your homework. It's not the same as fishing for trout or salmon but that's also what makes it interesting.

Brian Snyder
Angelte mit Freedom Tours - Trolling Passion am März 4, 2019
Book a big enough boat for the expected conditions. A 26 foot open boat would make for a less enjoyable trip in anything but calm seas. The “dry boat” was a good choice.

Robert Buchholtz
Hudsonville, Michigan
Angelte mit Freedom Tours - Trolling Passion am Februar 19, 2018
If you want to go to the reef make sure those with weak stomachs take Dramamine