What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Port Charlotte, Florida for the first time?

Antworten von verifizierten FishingBooker Anglern, die in Port Charlotte geangelt haben

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Dave Barus
St. Petersburg, FL
Angelte mit Fish-On Sport Fishing am Februar 14, 2019
We fished with Captain Terry Heller of Fish-On Sport Fishing with his homebase right in Port Charlotte and had a great day of fish-catching, laughing, learning and fun adventure. Because of the weather and wind, we left the dock at Placida equipped to fish the inland waters or run out into the gulf. With 3-5 ft waves, the 24 ft boat handled the gulf chop with ease and we made it out to 8 or 9 miles offshore, stopping at several key secret spots that Captain Terry had in his GPS. Drop-offs and wrecks, hard bottoms, sand. He explained why too. We caught fish at every stop! Heart throbbing bites, drag-screaming runs. We landed about 60 fish in our 3-hour lines-in-the-water stint from 1230-330 in the afternoon, catching 6 different species of fish including gag grouper, red grouper, triggerfish, lane snapper, key west grunts, tom-toms. We lost a lot too! We left with a nice bag of white fillets, all cleaned by Captain Terry and ready for the kitchen pan. We learned about the gear, rods, reels, lines, weights, leaders, hooks and differences between them all, and use of baits and lures. These included squid, cut bait, shrimp, frozen minnows and other secret stuff he had. Incredible trip. Great value, great fun. We highly recommend Captain Terry Heller.

Paul Lankau
Elkton, FL
Angelte mit Straw Hats Fishing Charters am Februar 6, 2023
Two persons maxim with the captain on the boat; six hours are what we liked. Choose Captain Cody or any other skipper with a small boat accommodating 2. And not to venture into the open ocean; stay away from large fish; the Jacks and the Ray we hooked were to our surprise a highly charged bundle of energy; I could not imagine the amount of strength required for a rookie to tussle with a tarpon, shark or other ocean heavyweights. Contact the skipper forehand before sailing and fishing. We were in the bay, boating canals and mangrove rivers; a good start for novices.

Susan Cook
Southern View, IL
Angelte mit Straw Hats Fishing Charters am Juni 1, 2022
We were a bit confused once we arrived in the parking lot as to where to actually meet our charter. There were no signs indicating that the 'dock' was 'this way', We arrived at the address provided and it was a building with no identifying signs. It was a building for children day camp or something. Cody did his best to help us over the phone but it really wasn't his fault as he was on his boat and we were walking aimlessly around the parking lot. We ended up at a sailing building which was the wrong place. We eventually found him but never being to Port Charlotte before we felt a bit anxious and stressed with no signage.

Randy Schaeffer
Zolfo Springs, Florida
Angelte mit Straw Hats Fishing Charters am November 25, 2020
It was very windy the day we went. We caught some small fish, but no large ones because of the wind and waves.

Chris Engelhardt
Miami, Florida
Angelte mit Capt. Scotty Roe Fishing Charters am September 17, 2022
Good place to work on your skills try bait lures with several species to try for

Sarah Shore
Angelte mit Straw Hats Fishing Charters am Juli 10, 2022
The water is a little too warm for the fish, but anytime spent on the water is a great day.

Mary Baki
Lehigh Acres, FL
Angelte mit Straw Hats Fishing Charters am März 19, 2020
Talk to your captains and find out what fish you could keep an ear and which fish you cannot.