What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Hurghada, Egypt for the first time?

Antworten von verifizierten FishingBooker Anglern, die in Hurghada geangelt haben

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FishingBooker Mitglied
Singen, Baden-Wurttemberg
Angelte mit Hottuna Hurghada Fishing – 24' am April 26, 2023
Dont listen to your hotel tour guides and book this trip! They tried to sell us a much more pricey trip and even told us at the beginning, that you cant go fishing in Hurghada.... Always check by yourself!!!!!

Joachim Krüger
Qina, KN
Angelte mit Big Game Fishing am April 25, 2023
Look at the reviews and the pictures in the reviews. There you can see a lot of information. Also look for the targeted species. Slow pitch jigging is possible, but most charters did not offer these technique.

Tobias Knaven
Giza, Giza
Angelte mit Speed Boat Fishing Charter am Mai 1, 2023
Eine private Tour ist da das beste für angler so wird der Tag ausgerichtet wie man ihn habben will.

Tomasz Fishing
Angelte mit Big Game Fishing am April 20, 2023
Great fishing place with many differnt spieces of fishs.. highly recommend with this crew

Justin Barker
Cairo, C
Angelte mit Big Game Fishing am März 13, 2023
Choose the right boat (this one)...as you might end up with a snorkel boat where the crew don't have the skills or experience to put you onto the fish.