FishingBooker Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions

FishingBooker Loyalty program is a loyalty program that seeks to provide returning Customers like you (“you” or “Customer”) with benefits, such as booking related discounts together with “Services” referenced in the FishingBooker Terms of use, collectively, the “Services”. These terms and conditions (“Loyalty Program Terms”) are between you and FishingBooker, Inc., having its registered office address at 101 West Main Street, Suite 101, Norfolk, 23510, Virginia ("FishingBooker," “we,” “our,” or "us") and set out the terms under which FishingBooker or any of its affiliates provides the Services.

Your use of the FishingBooker websites and mobile properties (collectively referred to as the "website”) and FishingBooker Loyalty program are also governed by the FishingBooker Terms of use (referred to further as “Terms of Use”) which are incorporated herein by reference. Where anything contained in the Terms of Use conflicts with the Loyalty Program Terms, the Loyalty Program Terms will control with respect to the FishingBooker Loyalty program. Any capitalized terms not defined in these Loyalty Program Terms shall have the meanings given to them in the FishingBooker Terms of use. By using the FishingBooker Loyalty program, you accept these Loyalty Program Terms (as may be revised from time to time), and you represent that you have read and understand them.

These Loyalty Program Terms, along with the Terms of Use, govern your relationship with us with respect to your use of the Services.

Participation in the FishingBooker Loyalty program:

The FishingBooker Loyalty program is for active Customers only. In order to utilize specific features on the website and take advantage of the benefits offered by the FishingBooker Loyalty program, individuals will need to become Customers. All other entities or parties, including but not limited to, corporations, travel agencies, government entities, regulatory bodies, etc., are not eligible to enroll in the FishingBooker Loyalty program nor receive any benefits in connection with the FishingBooker Loyalty program.

Effective January 18th, 2024, Customers with successful trips are eligible for the Loyalty Program enrollment. The Customers who had successful trips prior to January 18th, 2024, can become eligible for the Loyalty Program once they have a successful trip after the mentioned date.

The Loyalty Program levels are assigned based on total trip history since account creation.

Customers who were granted access to the Loyalty Program prior to the above date will maintain their current status and benefits. The aforementioned date does not apply to these accounts.


Subject to these Loyalty Program Terms, the FishingBooker Loyalty program is available to any individual who:

(a) agrees to these Loyalty Program Terms;
(b) possesses the legal authority to agree to these Loyalty Program Terms;
(c) resides in a jurisdiction that legally permits participation in the FishingBooker Loyalty program;
(d) provides valid and accurate personal information when enrolling in the FishingBooker Loyalty program; and
(e) has not previously been terminated from FishingBooker Loyalty program or any other FishingBooker Services.

There are different Loyalty program levels, based on how many Completed trips you’ve made in a given period. Each level provides different discounts.

Customers are responsible for reading and understanding these Loyalty Program Terms, as well as the Terms of Use, and any other communications from FishingBooker about the FishingBooker Loyalty program in order to understand their rights, responsibilities, and status in regard to it.

Once a Customer accepts these Loyalty Program Terms, should the Customer seek to cancel their FishingBooker account (i.e., that principal account established pursuant to the FishingBooker Terms of Use and under which your FishingBooker Loyalty program exists), their FishingBooker Loyalty program will be canceled along with the cancellation/termination of their FishingBooker account.

Separate from termination or suspension as described herein, we reserve the right to accept or refuse loyalty programs at our sole discretion. You may not share, transfer, or assign your FishingBooker Loyalty program or any Services, except as allowed in these Loyalty Program Terms. Customers are not permitted to use the Services or purchase Products for any purpose other than the Customer’s individual use, including without limitation for the purposes of resale or rental. FishingBooker may choose in its sole discretion to add, change, or remove FishingBooker Loyalty program benefits. You cannot use your Loyalty program discount and your Credit simultaneously. If you have a Loyalty Program discount and Credit, only the Loyalty Program discount will be applied to your next booking.

FishingBooker reserves the right to monitor the FishingBooker Loyalty program accounts of all Customers, at any time and without notice, for compliance with these Loyalty Program Terms. FishingBooker reserves the right to terminate or suspend access to your FishingBooker account, your FishingBooker Loyalty program, or your ability to use the Services.

Only one loyalty program discount can be used for one booking. No two users can use the loyalty program discount for the same booking, where they are part of the same group. Should a Booking be canceled or unable to proceed as determined by a Vendor, all refunds will be processed, and you will be eligible to use the Loyalty program discount for your next booking if the charter you select is participating in the Loyalty Program. Should you cancel a Booking on which the Loyalty program has been applied and if by doing so you breach the Vendor's cancellation policy the applied discount cannot be transferred to a new Booking. It is your responsibility to check your FishingBooker Loyalty program level regularly to ensure that the discount has been properly credited and, to the extent one exists, that your discount amounts are accurate. If you believe that the discount has not been correctly credited or disbursed to you, you should contact our Customer Support. In addition, FishingBooker may make adjustments to pending discounts for any discounts that FishingBooker, in its sole discretion, deems to have been credited improperly, or if you engage in behavior that is fraudulent, abusive, unethical, suspicious, or otherwise improper.

We reserve the right, in our sole discretion change or modify these Loyalty Program Terms; the Terms of Use; or any supplemental terms and conditions or documents referenced and expressly incorporated herein or any other aspect of the FishingBooker Loyalty program, from time to time, with reasonable notice to Customers as described in this section. The updated Loyalty Program Terms will be effective as of the time of posting, or upon such later date or by such other method as specified by FishingBooker. Unless otherwise stated, the updated Loyalty Program Terms will apply to your participation in the Services beginning as of their effective date. If any provision in these Loyalty Program Terms or any change made to these Loyalty Program Terms is found invalid, void, or for any reason unenforceable, that original or modified provision is severable and does not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining changes or conditions.

FishingBooker reserves the right to, from time to time, among other things: (a) withdraw, limit, modify, or cancel any Product or portion of the Services, although FishingBooker shall use commercially reasonable efforts to maintain the value of the subscription as a general matter; (b) modify or regulate the transferability of Products or benefits; (c) add blackout dates; or (d) limit the number of Products available for award redemption at any or all destinations. FishingBooker may limit the number of FishingBooker Loyalty Program Customers and may temporarily or permanently discontinue registering new Customers at any time and for any reason without notice. Availability of Products or Services may change over time and at any time (including during the course of any given Subscription Term).

FishingBooker reserves the unilateral right to amend, modify, or suspend the Loyalty Program, its benefits, and tiers at any time without prior individual notification to Customers