Speerfisch (Langschnäuziger) Angeln

Speerfisch (Langschnäuziger) Angeln

Speerfisch (Langschnäuziger)

Speerfisch (Langschnäuziger)
  • Größe 20-40 lbs
  • Nährwert Keine
  • Jagdeigenschaften Gut
  • Lebensräume Offshore

(Tetrapturus pfluegeri)

With its slender body and needle-like bill, the Longbill Spearfish looks a lot like what you might imagine, considering its name. Compared to its cousins White Marlin and Sailfish, this species doesn’t actually have a very long bill—it’s just longer than the bill on a Shortbill Spearfish. As you can see, anglers spent most of their creative energy naming the other members of the billfish family before they got around to these guys.

How Big?

This species of Spearfish typically ways 20-40 lbs, but can reach and exceed 75 lbs on occasion. The IGFA world record for Longbill Spearfish stands at 127 lb 3 oz.

When and Where

Longbill Spearfish are native to the Atlantic Ocean and swim far offshore, everywhere between New Jersey and Venezuela (including the Gulf of Mexico). You might encounter this fish near the surface of the open ocean at any time of year, but never in large numbers. It’s an especially rare find in the Gulf.

Longbill Spearfish

Longbill Spearfish caught off the coast of Portugal

How to Catch Longbill Spearfish

Most anglers aren’t interested in catching Longbill Spearfish, and when they do hook one they usually release it. It’s common to entice a bite from one of these fish while trolling with light tackle and similar baits or lures used to target White Marlin and Sailfish.

Good to Eat?

While the dark meat of Longbill Spearfish probably tastes rather good, people don’t typically eat this fish or even bother keeping their catch. If you find a Longbill Spearfish on the end of your line, however, you could be in for some superb light tackle action.

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