Umberfisch (Bairdiella) Angeln

Umberfisch (Bairdiella) Angeln

Umberfisch (Bairdiella)

Umberfisch (Bairdiella)
  • Größe 0.5–1 lb
  • Nährwert Gut
  • Jagdeigenschaften Niedrig
  • Lebensräume Backcountry, Lake, River

(Bairdiella chrysoura)

Also known as the American Silver Perch, this fish species shares a name with two others, Bidyanus bidyanus native to Australia and Leiopotherapon plumbeus in the Philippines. Fortunately, there’s only one species per continent, so it’s easy to avoid confusion. In the US, this species also goes by the name of Sand Perch.

How Big?

Most Silver Perch will not grow over 9” in size during their lifespan. They can grow up to 12” but that’s quite a rare sight. Usually weighing at about half a pound, they’ll never go over 1 lb.

When and Where

Native to the East Coast, Silver Perch can be found from New York in the north all the way down to Mexico in the south. Their favorite habitats include tidal creeks, marshes, and seagrass beds. It’s generally one of the most common type of Drum caught in the United States.

How to Fish

Anglers will mostly use Silver Perch as live bait for bigger fish, as it does not have remarkable game qualities. It’s relatively easy to catch when using shrimp or cut bait.

Good to Eat?

While unlikely to become a household staple any time soon, it’s a well-tasting panfish.

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