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Puerto Vallarta Marlin (Gestreifter) Angelsaisonen

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Marlin (Gestreifter) fishing in Puerto Vallarta varies moderately throughout the year. High season is October. Low season is February to May. There is no closed season.

Was andere Angler über Marlin (Gestreifter) Angeln in Puerto Vallarta berichten

"6 hour trip"

Robert Geller angelte mit High Tides Fishing am June 8, 2019

Great trip we caught a Marlin in the bay captain and mate we’re knowledgeable and informative.

"Fishing with Fishing"

Barney Murdock angelte mit Fishing Are Us – Lucky 1 am October 26, 2017

Make sure there are no miss understandings with the equipment and type of fishing you want!! We wanted light tackle and all the rods where large trolling gear! Not what we expected, skipper and mate where great the boat was fine and well equipped for Marlin or sail fish, just not the fish we wanted or asked for! We where light gear only for small tuna or mahi mahi.

"6 Hour Fishing Trip"

Paul Earl Nye angelte mit Fishing Are Us – Pami I am August 28, 2017

You need to let people know what fish they can fishing for on each trip 4 hr., 6 hr., 8hr. & 10 hr. We wanted to go for sailfish & Marlin but the capt. said we would have to do a 10 hr. trip. Everyone that did not go was expeting us back after 6 hrs. so we could not go after the fish we wanted to.

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