Amerikanische Seeforelle Angeln

Amerikanische Seeforelle Angeln

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Amerikanische Seeforelle

Amerikanische Seeforelle
  • Größe 5 to 15lbs
  • Nährwert Gut
  • Jagdeigenschaften Durchschnitt
  • Lebensräume Lake

(Salvelinus namaycush)

Lake Trout are among the most popular North American freshwater fish. They are widely targeted for their delicious meat and year-round availability.

There are three species of Lake Trout: Siscowet, Common and Rush. They are not considered to be "true" Trout, but rather Chars. They belong to the same family as Salmon and are similar in appearance and game qualities.

How big

Lake Trout average between 5 and 15lbs and 25 and 35'', but bigger fish are quite common. The largest one caught is not an official IGFA record due to being netted, but weighed in at 102lbs and measured at 50''.


These fish are native to Alaska and Canada (with Ontario holding 25% of the entire population), and can be found in the Great Lakes and northern reaches of the USA as south as Kentucky. They were also introduced to lakes in Asia, South America and Europe.

How to catch

Lake Trout respond well to trolled or cast natural bait, especially nightcrawlers. Minnows and Salmon eggs are also successful. Pairing them with spinners or light spoon or bucktail jigs will be even more effective. Fly fishing is also an option.

Following the ice-out, Common Lake Trout will be receding to deeper waters with the rise in temperature. Siscowet Lake Trout will always be found in deep waters.

Good to eat?

Siscowet Lake Trout are high in fat contents and good only when smoked, but the other two species are delicious however prepared.

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