Dentex Angeln

Dentex Angeln

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  • Größe 1 to 8kg
  • Nährwert Gut
  • Jagdeigenschaften Durchschnitt
  • Lebensräume Offshore

(Dentex dentex)

Dentex can be thought of as Snappers of the eastern Atlantic Ocean. They put up plenty of fight and are considered great eating, too.

Adult fish are mostly solitary and will only school in warm surface waters for several weeks during spring. They generally prefer shallow waters, between 15 and 50m (50 and 165ft) deep, with rocky or sandy bottoms.

How big

This species of Porgie can grow to over 1m (3.3ft) and 15kg (33lbs), with fish over 8kg (18lbs) considered to be great catches.


Dentex is commonly found in the Mediterranean, and, sometimes, in the Black Sea. In the Atlantic Ocean, it inhabits waters from the Bay of Biscay to West Africa, occasionally farther north and south.

How to catch

They can be caught trolling live or dead bait at their depth range. The bait can be squid, mackerel, or various artificial lures. Bottom fishing with sardines, anchovies, squid or octopus is an efficient alternative.

Good to eat?

Firm flesh with a mild, delicate taste.

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