Karpfen Angeln

Karpfen Angeln


  • Größe 5 to 30lbs
  • Nährwert Gut
  • Jagdeigenschaften Gut
  • Lebensräume River, Lake, Backcountry

(Cyprinus carpio)

Carp can be thought of as the Redfish of Europe/Asia. This fish has been introduced to fresh waters throughout North America, but hasn't reached as desirable of a game status as with anglers in its native continents.

An interesting and little known fact is that Goldfish and Koi are actually species of Carp. Other than decorative, this underappreciated fish family is extensively reared in aquaculture in Europe and Asia, especially China (where it's being farmed since 3500 BC).

How big

Carp stay around the same length, but are able to grow to substantial sizes in width. Fish are commonly caught between 5 and 30lbs (2.5 and 15kg).


Native to temperate Asia and Europe (especially the Black and Aegean Seas and tributaries), the Carp is now a cosmopolitan fish with many subspecies that can be found throughout the USA and southern Canada, but all other continents as well.

How to catch

Carp are usually caught on simple boiled or canned corn bait or homemade dough balls. Chumming with corn will help attract a school of Carp and still fishing chummed spots should produce a hit. Carp are strong fish and perform a heavy initial run, but wear out relatively quickly.

Good to eat?

Considered a delicacy in Europe and Asia, but underappreciated in North America.

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