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Bernsteinmakrele fishing in Playa del Carmen varies moderately throughout the year. High season is January to February and November to December. Low season is April to July. There is no closed season.

Was andere Angler über Bernsteinmakrele Angeln in Playa Del Carmen berichten

"Biggest fish of my life and great day"

Ron Burchett angelte mit Gardi Crew am December 29, 2019

We caught an 80 pound Amberjack and a lot of other fish. It was a great day out with captain Sal and his mate Brandon. Thanks you God for this wonderful day!

"Great experience "

Magnus Carlsson angelte mit The Rusty Hook am January 10, 2019

We had a great experience on our 4-hour trip. Caught a big Amberjack and a great snapper and had really fun during the day. The captain Jovani and his colleague did a great job on the ocean and the beer included was ice cold. We really recommend this!

"Half day Morning"

Ryan Grosshuesch angelte mit Gardi Crew am March 26, 2018

My son and I fished with Captain Salas on a half day Morning trip, Captain Salas and his first Mate are very friendly, and knowledgeable ! We jigged for the first 2 hours and caught a Amberjack and trolled for the second half and caught a some Mahi Mahi . I highly recommend Captain Salas if your looking for fishing in Playa del Carmen!

"Fishing with Salatiel"

Berry Euhus angelte mit Gardi Crew am February 8, 2018

We were not out long and my husband already caught the biggest fish he has ever caught. It was a 40-50 lb Amberjack we estimated. He also caught a smaller Amberjack a while later in the morning. Over all we had a great experience fishing with Juancho and his first mate. We would most definitely recommend these guys for great fishing.

"4 hour trip"

Bryan Stanton angelte mit Gardi Crew am January 29, 2017

Could not fault Captain Salas and his crew. They worked tirelessly to find and put us on the fish. I found the style of fishing (speed jigging) hard work (I am 68) and after the first 30+lb Amberjack I was tired. After the second I was exhausted. But happy. Captain Salas works really hard to make your trip a success.

"Fishing in December"

James K Cowley angelte mit Gardi Crew am December 23, 2015

Captain Salas & his mate Jesus were wonderful. 4 of us caught 125 lbs of Amberjack in 4 fish, missed 3 other significant fish. They arranged for us to get our fish cooked at a local restaurant, a great experience.

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