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January fishing trip
Ivana O. angelte mit Out N About Sportfishing am Januar 20, 2020
Didn’t catch any of legal doze on the day, but had heaps of fun. Would go again and will for sure.
Half day trip with captain Brian and 1st mate billy
Daniel G. angelte mit Top Gear Fishing Charters am Januar 3, 2020
Best at high tide and even better if you go out on a boat or charter
Half day trip with Captain Brian and decky Billy
Jason Q. angelte mit Top Gear Fishing Charters am Dezember 23, 2019
Fishing is fishing, sometimes you catch fish sometimes you don't. Don't get upset if you expect something and it doesn't work out.
Half day fishing trip
Siyu W. angelte mit Top Gear Fishing Charters am Dezember 15, 2019
Take motion sickness medicine before the trip, wear sandals as your shoes will get wet.
Morning trip with Justin
Vicki G. angelte mit All Tackle Sportfishing am Oktober 31, 2019
The weather starts to get a bit rainy after October.
Afternoon half day trip on 18 Sep.
Yuk Yee Helen Leung angelte mit Whitsunday Fishing—Reel Deal am September 18, 2019
Everything ready onboarding, friendly crew and beautiful scenery.
Half day trip
Amee J. angelte mit Top Gear Fishing Charters am August 3, 2019
Target bottom species in August there won’t be any Pelagics around
July fishing trip
Trevor P. angelte mit Gone Fishing Cairns am Juli 28, 2019
Relax and have a good time learn the ways of the experienced angler like the captain

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