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Skeleton Coast
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Katima Mulilo
Ihr Termin ist begehrt – wir haben keine verfügbaren Ausflüge mehr für diesen Anbieter. Mehr Angebote finden Sie nachfolgend.
Ihr Termin ist begehrt – wir haben keine verfügbaren Ausflüge mehr für diesen Anbieter. Mehr Angebote finden Sie nachfolgend.

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Laut Kundenbewertungen gehören, Gert Van der Walt – Skeleton Island, Gert Van der Walt Fishing, und Allan Dadford Safaris sind zu den beliebtesten Ausflugsanbietern in Namibia. Vollständige Liste der besten Ausflugsanbieter in Namibia.

Allan Dadford Safaris erhielten großartige Bewertungen von Familien, die Ausflüge in Namibia gebucht haben.

The most popular fish species you can target are Hundshai, Riesen-Tigersalmler, and Japanischer Adlerfisch. Top fishing techniques include Spinnfischen, Leichtes Gerät (Light Tackle), and Fliegenfischen. River fishing, inshore fishing, and flats fishing are commonly offered by local guides.

You wouldn’t expect much angling action in the driest country in sub-Saharan Africa, but fishing in Namibia is incredible. Its Atlantic coast stretches almost 1,000 miles, with the Zambezi and Orange Rivers offering plenty in the way of freshwater action, too.  
While commercial fishermen head offshore for Hake and Mackerel, recreational fishing takes place in shallower waters. Monster Sharks come right up to the beaches, giving you the chance to test your strength in the stunning golden sands. These nearshore waters are also home to a range of delicious creatures. Get your fish on and target Bream and Kob to take home for a well-earned treat. 
When it comes to freshwater fishing, every angler in southern Africa knows about the Zambezi River. Straddling Namibia’s borders with Zimbabwe and Zambia, you’ll get to explore the wilderness while going after the elusive Tigerfish along with some other global favorites. 
Most freshwater trips combine a safari excursion to the heart of the desert or jungle, as you spend days on end testing your fishing skills. Meanwhile, saltwater trips usually last a day, as your guide takes you to the beaches to cast away. 
Fishing in Namibia is one of southern Africa’s best-kept secrets. Come discover incredible nature and monster fish, and land something delicious for yourself!

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Everyone who wants to go fishing in Namibia must have a valid fishing license. Lucky for you, they come as cheap as US$1 per month! Just make sure to grab yours before heading out and you’re good to go. 
Your experienced, professional guide will make sure you stick to the bag limits, but just beware that Sharks and some endangered freshwater species will be catch and release only. Everything else is yours to keep!

Start the year as you mean to go on, with a trip to sea. Casting from shore is the best way of landing a prized catch in January, with monster Sharks coming right up close to the beaches.
Everyone flocks to the beach come summer, and you can join them with a fishing trip to add to the fun. Go after some huge creatures as you try to land that trophy catch you’ve dreamed of. 
While March is not known as the peak fishing season in Namibia, there’s still plenty of action to keep you on your toes. Warm up before the real season starts and target Sharks, Catfish, and more.
It’s still too early to be thinking about maxing out your limit of fish, but the signs are all pointing in the right direction, as some of the nearshore’s most tasty creatures start making their way past. 
There’s plenty of action come May, with the fresh and saltwater fishing getting going. Beat the rush and take a trip to the wilderness in search of some exotic fish.
With the rainfall from summer increasing the water levels, there’s never been a better time to go fishing the Zambezi. Go after tough-fighting Tigerfish and experience a battle like never before.
You won’t know where to go in July, as the fishing is red hot everywhere. You’ve hit peak fishing season, so choose between a trip to the beach or hit up the rivers for a thrilling adventure. 
Whatever you want out of your Namibia fishing trip is possible. Head to the Atlantic and target some delicious Bream and Kob, or get your fish on against the prized Tigerfish upstream.
There’s no sign of the fish disappearing as the weather gets warm once more. Hop aboard a safari in the Zambezi or from the capital or hit the beaches and there’s no end to what you can catch. 
Summer is back and so are the incredible fishing opportunities on offer across Namibia. Whether you’re looking to battle it out with Tigerfish or a Shark, there’s something for you. 
Make the most of the season before it’s too late. Catch the last of the bream and Kob nearshore, or head to the rivers and take on Tigerfish for the last time this year.
As the year draws to a close, you’ll have plenty of action to keep you entertained. Hit the beaches for the best results, as monster Sharks and saltwater Catfish bite at your line. 

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