Are you itching for an experience that you’ll fondly remember for a lifetime? How about a picture that’ll make all of your fishing buddies jealous? You can get both, and more, in the tropical jungle of Colombia with Orinocoflies!

Captain Armando Giraldo welcomes you to the untouched beauty of the Orinoco. He’ll take you after the famous Payara – an iconic vampire-toothed predator. The action doesn’t stop with this toothy terror. You will also go after Yellow Catfish, a species that goes up to 150 lb and will pull on the line like an angry mule!

Capt. Armando is specialized in flyfishing, but he also offers conventional and bait fishing techniques as well.

You’ll stay at a fishing camp 4 days of travel away from Bogotà. Tents can hold 1 or 2 anglers.

Day 1 – arrival to Bogotá, transport to the hotel.
Day 2 – transport from the hotel to the airport, flight to Villavicencio, transport to another hotel.
Day 3 – transport to the airport in Villavicencio, 7:00 AM charter flight to the lodge, lunch and you can fish in the afternoon.
Day 4+ – fishing at 5:00 AM you’ll have breakfast in a place near the river, will fish the whole day. Stop for lunch and continue until dusk. Arrival to the lodge.
Penultimate day – Charter flight returning to Villavicencio, transport to the hotel.
Last day – Flight to Bogota transport to the hotel, end of the trip.

Airfare is included in the price, as are lodging prices and food. The outbound night in Bogotà is not included in the price. 3 meals per day and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks are included while at the lodge.

Stop dreaming about that exotic trip. Book with Orinocoflies today and make your dream a reality on the Orinoco River!

Datum auswählen, um verfügbare Ausflüge und Preise zu sehen:

  • Privater Ausflug
    10 Day Trip
    Niedriger Preis Anzahlung wird nicht erstattet
    10-tägiger Ausflug, beginnt um 5:00 AM
    Übernachtung, Unterkunft
    Seasonal trip Jan 1 - Feb 20
    pro Person / day
    4 Personen Minimum
    You will be fishing one of the most famous and untouched rivers in the Orinoco basin. You will be fishing for Payara and Yellow Catfish among other species. You will spend 5 nights and 6 days fishing but it takes 4 days to get to the fishing grounds. If the local air traffic allows it, we'll cut down on the travel time.
  • Geteilter Ausflug
    8 Day Trip
    Niedriger Preis Anzahlung wird nicht erstattet
    8-tägiger Ausflug, beginnt um 6:00 AM
    Übernachtung, Unterkunft
    Seasonal trip Jan 1 - Feb 20
    pro Person / day
    5 Personen Minimum
    This is a 4-day fishing trip, 3 nights and 4 days, but you need an additional 4 days to get there and back. If there's a possibility to cut down the travel time days it will be done as soon as possible. This trip is all about going after the famous Payara.

Über den Kapitän

Armando Giraldo
Bogotá, Kolumbien
I've been fishing since I was 6 years old, started as a bait caster and went on to spinning and casting until I discovered fly fishing at the age of 14 (27 years ago). Made my way as a commercial fly tyer while I was still in school and still tie and specialize in big predator flies. Fishing is that opportunity one has to clear the mind, be one with the surroundings, the river, the lake, the sea, the sounds of nature and that moment in which you get to fool a fish and get it to strike! Don't know about you, but I think about fish and fishing 24 hours a day and will talk fishing 48 hours a day! I Started guiding when I decided a 9 AM to 5 PM office job wasn't for me, like to work hard but want to feel free while meeting people, taking them fishing in my beloved Colombia, teaching whenever I can and learning from everyone I meet.

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Buntbarsch (Cichla) Buntbarsch (Cichla)
Wels Wels
Payara (Wolfssalmler) Payara (Wolfssalmler)

Boot Beschreibung

Eduardoño (Aluminum fishing) ursprünglich im Jahr 2000 gebaut und restauriert im Jahr 2015. Angetrieben von einem 4 40HP Yamaha 2-stroke Motoren mit einer maximalen Reisegeschwindigkeit von 30 Knoten.

5.4864 m
8 Personen


Angeln auf dem Fluss


Leichtes Gerät (Light Tackle)
Schweres Gerät (Heavy Tackle)
Schleppfischen (Trolling)



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