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Hands-on experience, an exciting learning environment, and a dedicated mentor – this is what you get the first day you join FishingBooker’s Engineering team as an intern or a new graduate. If you aren’t sure which career direction to take, but you’re eager to explore different options, this is the internship for you. You will be considered an equal part of the team you join, so don’t be shy to share your input on how we can be better.

From the very start, you will be involved in projects that reach thousands of people all over the world who use our services, and your contribution won’t go unnoticed. Your mentor will show you the ins and outs of how things work and you can turn to your teammates for any help you need. You will work side by side with people who are passionate about their work and fun to be around, and without whom, FishingBooker as we know it wouldn’t exist.

We take the efforts of our interns very seriously – so much so, that the core of our Engineering team is made up of former interns who flourished into full-time FishingBookers.

We’re looking for driven, hard-working, and organized college students ready to balance dynamic work life with their studies. Ready to grow with FishingBooker? Send your CV our way today!

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How do we hire?

If you’re looking for a place that values your curiosity and desire to learn, if you’re self-motivated, want to take on fresh challenges as part of our team, and develop creative and data-driven solutions, look no further than FishingBooker.



If you’ve found a great role that matches your goals, and your values are aligned with ours, hit ‘Apply’ and fill in the online form.


Once you apply, we would like to know more about you. You’ll receive an email from us to arrange a Skype interview.


If you have successfully completed the interview process, you may be identified as the candidate we’d like to hire.
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