FishingBooker is the world's leading online travel company specializing in fishing. We are one of Southeast Europe's fastest-growing tech companies, enabling easy access to great fishing for anglers around the globe.

FishingBooker’s engineers are the rock of the company – they’re in charge of keeping our website in tip-top shape for thousands of users worldwide. Always tackling challenges and coming up with innovative solutions is their everyday job, and they get to hone their skills by developing an interesting and unique product.

At FishingBooker, quality always comes first – we provide technologies and resources to enable you to do your best work. We organize our tasks in 6-week cycles and when we aim to do something, we aim high. Our Engineering team is made of talented, fierce, and creative people ready to decode every obstacle in their way.


How do we hire?

If you’re looking for a place that values your curiosity and desire to learn, if you’re self-motivated, want to take on fresh challenges as part of our team, and develop creative and data-driven solutions, look no further than FishingBooker.



If you’ve found a great role that matches your goals, and your values are aligned with ours, hit ‘Apply’ and fill in the online form.


Once you apply, we would like to know more about you. You’ll receive an email from us to arrange a Skype interview.


If you have successfully completed the interview process, you may be identified as the candidate we’d like to hire.

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